I’m interviewing and hiring on behalf of (and as part of) Savvi.
(It was faster for me to update my consultancy site than to get new pages on Savvi’s website)

  • Target Hire Date: October, 2021
  • Salary: Depends on Experience.
  • Hire Type: Direct Hire. Full Time, or Contract to Hire.
  • Location: Provo, Utah (The Startup Building)


Savvi (https://savvi.legal) offers a SaaS product that serves as a System of Record for Growth-Stage Businesses - to help them prepare for Due Diligence events and such.

If you’re not familiar with that lingo, just think of it like Google Forms + DropBox, but more sophisticated, and streamlined for growing businesses (meaning businesses expected to reach a worth of $100M to $1B in the next 5-10 years) who either have Investors, or are looking to attract Investors in the near future to continue to grow and scale their business.

Everyone involved in the process benefits from the experience - the Lawyers, the Accelerators, the Investors, and the Entrepreneurs.

Company Values


  • People first.
  • Authenticity.
  • Initiative.
  • Responsiveness.

Why we need you

We’re transitioning how we develop our software.

The old motto:

“Move Fast and Break Things”

The new motto:

“Methodically Build the Best Product for Our Customers”

However, we’re still a little understaffed to accomplish that without moving too slowly.

We need you to help us to get to moving slower, more quickly - if that makes sense. 🙃

Required Skills

Not your normal fluff.

  • Communication (#1)
    • Ask questions often - even though it reveals your ignorance
    • Can clearly articulate Problem & Solution statements
    • Documentation (i.e. Markdown)
    • Disagree respectfully, Challenge thoughtfully
  • Ability to Search, and get Results
    • Know which sites are likely to give the best results
    • Know how to get exact matches, exclusive matches, etc
    • Know how to use the advanced search features of different search engines
  • Fundamentals of Programming
    • Nested Loops, Objects, and Function Scope
    • (for, filter, sort, map, variable and block scope, etc)
    • Attention to Detail
    • Attention to Detail
    • Attention to Detail
    • Attention to Minute Details
  • Must Enjoy Learning (and be able to take time to learn on the job)
  • Must understand

The end goal is always this:

How can someone else replicate your success?

Preferred Skills

In almost-everything-is-most-important order:

  • Markdown
  • JSDoc / TSDoc
  • Defensive Coding
  • DOM
  • RegExp
  • Cypress
  • React + React Hooks
  • Git Rebase + Semantic Commits
  • JavaScript (without Transpiling)
  • Classless CSS (without Transpiling)
  • Accessible HTML
  • Bash


  • Vim
  • Web Security

If you can do at least one of these things, that’s great:

  • write simple, readable code
  • create simple CSS that reliably reproduces a given image
  • make a new CSS mockup without a designer’s first pass

That’s a big list. So note that we prefer excellency in one or two small areas rather than okay-ness in many areas.

Work Environment

You’ll be in a medium-sized office with 3 other developers (plenty of breathing room).

You will work directly alongside the Front-End Lead Developer, Sam, and you will report to the Technical Lead, AJ.

You can run Mac, Linux, or Windows+WSL, but you need to be able to use the command line.

You’ll also get some dope headphones, which you can wear to signal to others that you’re busy doing something important and shouldn’t be bothered.


You’re going to help us update our web app and homepage. At the very least we need a clear communicator who can assist in refactoring old content and adding small sections of new content.

The more you demonstrate you can do, the more you’ll be able to do.

Ideally you’ll eventually take on a whole area of responsibility - either by taking full sub-functions of the web app (ex: user profile, form generation, billing), or a full category (ex: CSS, React, Cypress, “the build”).

Your First…


Your time will be spent in 4 areas:

  • Onboarding. The boring stuff that we have to have you do - like setting up accounts and signing paperwork.
  • Documentation. Our processes have changed significantly over time and have never been documented that well. It’s your job to document them so well that you could onboard someone else, perfectly.
  • Learning. Leveling-up on one or more of React, CSS, Bash, and JavaScript so that you can help us make our processes and code bases better.
  • Repetitive code changes and small updates. Basically “here’s how we changed that to work like this… can you go find the other 15 places where we do that and make it like this and test that it still works?”, and such things.

Changes that you make this week will go live the following week. Huzzah! 🎉


We do “Sharpen the Saw” twice a month.

You will be in charge of teaching us what you’ve learned, and teach us how we can be more effective in our onboarding process, and our Front-End Development. 👩‍🏫


We want you to develop excellency in as few areas of expertise as you can stand, and help us make our product absolutely the best in those areas. 🏅

Ideally we’d like to help you get the training and growth that you need so that we can give you a better title, and pay you more.

How To Apply (and Win)

Email your PDF resume (or a link to your HTML resume) to aj@savvi.legal.
(you should name it something like YOUR NAME - Front End - Savvi.pdf)

Want to impress us (and anyone else)?
Model one of these Resumes that Demonstrate (Visual) Communication Skills.

You resume should:

  • Include some explorable portfolio projects
    • (at least one great project)
  • Link to your blog (and it’s never too late to start one today)
    • (at least two technical posts)
  • Play to your strengths.
    • (we know what we think we’re looking for, but you may be better in some areas that we hadn’t considered)

Please only include GitHub projects that have READMEs that model these great READMEs.
(if you ain’t got time to write a good README, ain’t nobody got time to review the project)

Be sure to link to a project that I (as a not front-end person) will be able to successfully understand, explore, and try out for myself.

Also, tell me at least one technical detail that you know, that many of your peers don’t know.

The Interview Process

  • Email Review
  • Phone Screening
  • Get-to-Know-You Interview
  • Mini Project
    • Probably takes about 4 hours
    • May possibly be substituted for a portfolio item
    • If you don’t enjoy it, call it quits - find work you really enjoy
  • Final Interview

The hire date is in October, so we have some time to be deliberate about this process.

However, we will let you know within a week if you don’t pass any stage of the interview and, candidly, why.

Also, we’re more interested in finding someone who can become the right candidate than someone who is the best candidate already. Apply early - we’re willing to work with you and provide resources for training to learn what we need you to know.