I’m interviewing and hiring on behalf of Club LISI.

  • Target Hire Date: September, 2021
  • Hourly Rate: $45/hr, up to 40 hours per week
  • Hire Type: Contract to Hire
  • Location: Remote.


We are on a mission to bring 100% customized, digital membership experiences to the club industry - something that no other club software company offers. ClubLISI is built around the concept that every club is different and has its own personality. The websites and software we develop, as well as integrations we provide with our valued partners, provide every club’s membership with their own, unique web and app experience. Unlike other, large, one-size-fits-none providers, we never tell our clients “we can’t do that for you”. Our company is composed of go-getter project managers, designers, and developers that work together remotely with respect, efficiency, and the same core ideal - to provide our clients with exceptional, concierge-style service.

Company Values

  • Customization
  • Innovation
  • Nimbleness
  • Over-delivering
  • Responsiveness

Why we need you

We are in the process of building our own backend club software for clients that includes a CRM, calendar, event reservations and management, dining reservations, bookings, and more. We have a talented lead developer and are looking for two or three front-end and backend developers to join the team.

Required Skills

  • Communication
    • Be responsive - Provide frequent status updates and don’t disappear
    • Ask questions often - even if it reveals your ignorance
    • Clearly articulate problem and solution statements
    • Document
    • Disagree respectfully, challenge thoughtfully
  • Attention to detail
  • Must enjoy learning (and be able to take time to learn on the job)
  • Node.js
  • Typescript
  • Git
  • HTTP (really - headers, and stuff)

Preferred Skills

  • Nuxt.js/Vue
  • TypeORM
  • Digital Ocean
  • WebSockets

Bonus Skills

  • Python
  • Heroku

We prefer excellency in one or two areas rather than mere proficiency in many areas.

Work Environment

You’ll work remotely and report to our lead developer, Micheal. You are expected to be in communication with Micheal, as well as our project director (Arielle), to answer questions and give updates between the hours of 10am and 6pm Eastern Time.

You can run Mac, Linux, or Windows+WSL, but you need to be able to use the command line.


Based on your specialty, you’ll be assigned tasks that either pertain to the front-end of the client’s website or the backend and its modules. Each task should be completed in a timely manner, following the processes set forth by Micheal, and self-checked/tested before submitting for approval.

Your First…


You’ll begin on an hourly basis (with the possibility of being moved to a retainer position) so we can get a feel for working with you and make sure we it’s a good fit. You’ll be:

  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Completing trial tasks and participating in code reviews


Assuming all goes well, we’ll give open up more tasks for you and ramp up your hours.


We want you to develop excellence in as few areas of expertise as you can stand, and help us make our product absolutely the best in those areas. 🏅

Ideally we’d like to help you get the training and growth that you need so that we can bring you on retainer and slowly be able to pay you more as the product progresses and the clientele grows.

How To Apply (and Win)

Email your PDF resume (or a link to your HTML resume) to aj@therootcompany.com.
(you should name it something like YOUR NAME - Node - ClubLISI.pdf)

Want to impress us (and anyone else)?
Model one of these Resumes that Demonstrate (Visual) Communication Skills.

You resume should:

  • Include some explorable portfolio projects
    • (at least one great project)
  • Link to your blog (and it’s never too late to start one today)
    • (at least two technical posts)
  • Play to your strengths.
    • (we know what we think we’re looking for, but you may be better in some areas that we hadn’t considered)

Please only include GitHub projects that have READMEs that model these great READMEs.
(if you ain’t got time to write a good README, ain’t nobody got time to review the project)

Be sure to link to a project that I (who am not familiar with your stack) will be able to successfully understand, explore, and try out for myself.

Also, tell me at least one technical detail that you know, that many of your peers don’t know.

The Interview Process

  • Email + GitHub Review
  • Skills Assessment Interview
  • Team Meeting over Zoom

We’d like to hire quickly - early- or mid-September, so we need someone who is an especially good communicator.

We will let you know within a week if you don’t pass any stage of the interview and, candidly, why.

For this position we’re particularly interested in someone who is a good communicator, make good, well-thought out decisions on their own, and who can work remotely.