The Good: Checks the Boxes

I’m really liking Zoho:

  1. Compliance - SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, CPI
  2. Affordability
    • $1/user/month for Mail
    • $3/user/month for Docs, Sheets, etc
  3. Simplicity - the config is pretty easy \

Don’t Forget to add a DMARC Policy - because Zoho doesn’t do this by default!
I recommend:

The Ugly: Upsell ALL-THE-THINGS!

The the thing that drives me nuts is that I can’t ever find anything!

They’re a little bit like AWS (or maybe worse) in that there’s so much upsell for their (literally) hundreds of products, that it’s really hard to figure out how to do basic things.


The Missing Menu Bar

Just go ahead and bookmark all of these, or you’ll never be able to get back to them!

(this is the reason for the post - so I have a document to refer back to to find the links I need)

As An Individual

As An Organization


There’s dozens or hundreds of other services out there, but only two that seem worth mention in all of my searching thus far:


Perhaps more for personal than for business.

  • Per-user encrypted mail
  • Seems to have the best security
  • Simple too a fault (meaning a bit technical to set up the first time)
  • Ugly webmail (best used with, K-9, etc)
  • No certified compliance (though it seems to check the boxes)
  • No DMARC by default (Purelymail does this, or use Postmark DMARC Monitoring)
  • still uses SPF rather than relying on Return-Path


Not as compliant, very expensive.

  • Looks “cool”, but not as easy to use as Zoho in my opinion
  • Per-user encrypted mail
  • Flat out way too expensive
  • Not compatible with normal mail tools
  • HIPAA compliant (maybe others as well)
  • still uses SPF rather than relying on Return-Path