This is just a quick one-time message to let you know that ppl is now Root. We’ve rebranded.

What’s Changing

Our core product, the personal home server stays the same, but gets a new suffix:

  • Hub by ppl is now Hub by Root

Our web address:

Our email addresses:

Our “Early Access” mailing list:

  • You’ll get both “Hub Updates” about our progress on the server, and emails about our overall company progress through “Root Access” updates.
  • All future messages will have an unsubscribe link below, feel free to use it.
  • If you unsubscribe, you’ll only get a one-time message when Hub is ready.

Our Facebook page and Twitter account are getting updated too.

Additional Products

Hub is a very serious undertaking. The amount of work to complete it is HUGE.

We’ve still got a long ways to go before it’s ready. However, we’re going to continue to focus on the smaller “stepping-stone” products that we’ve been working on as we go.

There’s a few products, which we’ve briefly mentioned before, that we’ll be highlighting again:

  • Greenlock - personal and business website security
  • Telebit - secure remote access between computers
  • Pass - secure identity and credential management

All of these are vital underpinnings of Hub, but even all on their own some of you will find them very useful.

Additional Services

We’ve had a few businesses reach out to us after seeing technical presentations demonstrating Greenlock, Telebit, and Pass wanting commercial solutions. We’ve had interest from companies doing everything from baby monitors to website hosting to credential management and IoT (Internet of Things) products.

Working with businesses who align with our vision is going to be a great way to help us sustain our development and build the Hub product faster. If you or someone in your circle have a business project where expertise in security, connectivity, or on-premise integration is important and you’d like to work with us, please reach out.

What’s Next?

This is the last message you’ll get from “AJ @ ppl”.

I’m eager to share progress on Greenlock that I know a number of you who have a website for your home businesses and blogs will find useful. That next message will be coming from “AJ @ Root”.

P.S. Yes, we know that there’s a car insurance company by the same name. No, we’re not concerned. If in a few years they end up being a well-established household name we’ll reconsider, but as for now the new brand direction has been very inspiring and motivational. We believe there’s a lot of opportunity we can take advantage of.